Keyne C. Law, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, Seattle Pacific University



Dr. Law is an Assistant Professor in the Clinical Psychology Program at Seattle Pacific University. She directs the Clinical Research in Self-Injury and Suicide (CRISIS) Lab; her research is focused on understanding why and how individuals act on suicidal thoughts as well as developing innovative approaches to study this process.


Dr. Law collaborates with CSPAR on research projects including a funded study aimed at uncovering modifiable TikTok behaviors in adolescents and young adults experiencing suicidal ideation. She also actively participates in scientific meetings led by Dr. Comtois at CSPAR.

Publications (Selected Work)

  • Law, K.C. & Anestis, M.D. (2021). Testing whether Suicide Capability has a Dynamic Propensity: The Role of Affect and Arousal on Momentary Fluctuations in Suicide Capability. Frontiers in Psychology.
  • Law, K.C., Jin, H. M. & Anestis, M.D. (2018). The Intensity of Suicidal Ideation at the Worst Point and the Transition to Future Attempts. Psychiatry Research.
  • Law, K.C. & Tucker, R.P. (2017). Repetitive Negative Thinking and Suicide: A Burgeoning Literature with Need for Further Exploration. Current Opinions in Psychology.
  • Law, K.C., Khazem, L.R.,  Jin, H.M. & Anestis, M.D. (2017). Non-suicidal self-injury and frequency of suicide attempts: The role of pain persistence. Journal of Affective Disorders.
  • Law, K.C., Khazem, L.R. & Anestis, M.D. (2015). The role of emotion dysregulation in suicide as considered through the ideation to action framework. Current Opinions in Psychology.

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