Clinician Survivors of Suicide Loss

UW CSPAR’s Jeffrey Sung, MD has a webinar recording that reviews experiences that come up for clinician survivors of suicide loss – the frequency of this occurrence, the impact, emotions, roles & responsibilities and needs for coping.

Guidance for Individual Practitioners

Dr. Sung has also developed Guidelines for Individual Practitioners intended to help identify immediate responsibilities and potential resources and sources of support following a client suicide.

Guidelines for Agency Practices Responding to Client Suicide (SPRC)

Guidelines for Agency Practices Responding to Client Suicide describes the immediate responsibilities, potential resources, and sources of support in the aftermath of a client suicide.

Uniting for Suicide Postvention – Providers (VA)

The VA’s Uniting for Suicide Postvention offers a multimedia resource library that addresses the unique challenges that providers face following a suicide loss. 

Additional Resources

We’ve complied additional reading on: 

Looking for More?

If you would like further information and support about Clinician Suicide Loss, please contact [email protected] or, for Jeffrey Sung, MD, [email protected].