SOARS Evaluation – Swift Outpatient Alternatives for Rapid Stabilization: A New Approach to Youth Suicidal Crises

At a glance

Funded by: Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions July 2022 — June 2023
Principal Investigator(s): Molly Adrian
Research Team:
Participating Agencies: Behavioral Health Crisis Care Clinic
Research Setting: Seattle Children’s Hospital


This in-progress study will evaluate a novel program developed by our team to improve the effective outpatient management of youth with acute suicide risk. Program evaluation examines just-in time intervention to assess suicide risk level, address imminent risk, and begin treatment to address ideographic suicidal drivers over time. The clinic has served more than 200 youth and families since 2019. Qualitative and quantitative data from youth, caregivers, and clinicians demonstrate high levels of fidelity, feasibility, appropriateness, and acceptability, however, impact on core health outcomes has not been conducted. Funding will allow for analysis of the treatment program to demonstrate the impact of the intervention on suicidal thoughts and behaviors.


  • In progress