PARSWeb – Innovative Training For Suicide Prevention In Addiction Treatment Settings

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Funded by: Garvey Institute for Brain Health Solutions January 2021-October 2022
Principal Investigator(s): Richard Ries
Research Team:
Participating Agencies:
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Although suicide is one of the leading causes of death for people with substance use disorders (SUDs), no widespread suicide prevention intervention exists for delivery in community addiction treatment settings. The effectiveness and feasibility

A man raises his hand while sitting in a circle with a group of other people, who all appear to be listening to the man with his hand raised.of  delivering Preventing Addiction Related Suicide (PARS), a group-based psychoeducational program that provides evidence-based suicide prevention and safety strategies, was recently demonstrated.

To enhance widespread implementation and dissemination of PARS, this project developed online training and implementation tools for the intervention. PARSWeb was created in collaboration with key state

agencies and suicide prevention professionals to meet the new training requirements for Washington State Substance Use Disorder professionals (SUDp).


  • PARSWeb is an online training for counselors to help deliver PARS to their patients and counselors in group settings nationwide. This self-guided training is available in two levels ranging from beginner to advanced (3 hours).
  • Participants will receive a PARS completion certificate, in addition to downloadable tools and educational materials.

PARSWeb Manual and Training Available

​The PARSWeb manual and training are available at little or no cost.