PARS AI/AN – Preventing Addiction Related Suicide (PARS): Cultural Tailoring Culturally tailoring a secondary suicide prevention intervention for American Indian and Alaska Native people in substance use treatment

At a glance

Funded by: NIDA 2018-2021
Research Team:
Participating Agencies: Three native communities
Research Setting: Alaska Native and American Indian Addiction Programs


Substance use treatment programs are ideal places for suicide prevention interventions. People who misuse substances are at elevated risk for suicide compared to the general population. However, most treatment programs do not incorporate suicide prevention, and none have been adapted for American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) people. Preventing Addiction Related Suicide (PARS) is a suicide prevention module developed for use with people in treatment for substance misuse. A previous study demonstrated PARS increased suicide help-seeking among this population. This study culturally adapted PARS through focus groups and interviews with stakeholders in three Tribal health systems eliciting feedback on PARS content, structure, and implementation. Results were used to adapt PARS and member checking was used to further refine it.


  • Participants unanimously endorsed using PARS in their health systems.
  • Suggested adaptations included shortening the module, using community-specific information, removing jargon and stigmatizing language, and emphasizing cultural connectedness.
  • Publication under review