Anna Sipowicz

Assistant Research Scientist



Anna’s primary role is as an assessor on the Searchlight Study, completing baseline interviews with participants throughout the recruitment phase of the study. She also supports other lab operations and research studies as needed.


Anna received her B.A. from Pomona College in May 2022 with majors in Psychological Science and Music. At Pomona, she was an affiliate of the MIND (Mental Health and INdividual Differences) Lab, where she completed thesis research on public perceptions of children who engage in physical aggression as they relate to diagnostic labels. During her undergraduate years, Anna also supported research and clinical operations at the Claremont Autism Center. Anna spent summers 2020-2023 working at Apex Summer Camp, a summer treatment program (STP) through the University of Washington Autism Centers. Her research interests include evidence-based and culturally-responsive intervention and assessment, mental health stigma, and complex behavior in children, including suicidality in adults, adolescents, and children alike. Anna has been with CSPAR since 2022.