ISACC Pilot – Further Development and Pilot Test of Informatics Supported Authorship of Caring Contacts web-app

At a glance

Funded by: Face the Fight Foundation 2022-2024
Principal Investigator(s): Kate Comtois
Research Team:
Research Setting: Online research


The goal of the Caring Contacts intervention is to be an accessible, consistent, strength based, and scalable model of care in both clinics and service organizations. The irreversible, accelerated shift to telehealth and technology-mediated communication during COVID-19 has expanded demand for Caring Contacts as organizations are desperate to provide more effective follow-up for suicidal individuals yet, the infrastructure currently used to implement and sustain it is clumsy and inefficient, causing maladaptive modifications to the intervention that violate its core principles.

This project further developed and pilot tested an informatics-supported Caring Contacts web app – Informatics Supported Authorship of Caring Contacts (ISACC). Human Centered Design was used to engage clinical and veteran service organization staff without Caring Contacts implementation experience to understand their needs and design requirements and improve the usability of the ISACC web-app and prepare for a full-size clinical trial.


  • A demonstration video of the initial web-app can be see here.
  • Pilot test in progress.